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Anthony Yates founded “ATL Wings Your Way” in Atlanta, GA over two decades ago with the ideal of providing quality food with a great taste and superior customer service. ATL Wings Your Way is committed to providing there customers with quality wings the way they like them….Southern goodness with great taste and flavor!

Mr. Yates vision for ATL Wings Your Way grew from restaurateur to packaging the seasoning, bottling the sauces, and distributing them in retail stores to franchising the brand. Our sauces are Gluten-Free.

With the help of his Business Partner they have built a business model that is simple and easy to get into the business. We are an approved Franchisor of the SBA.

We welcome anyone who has the entrepreneurial spirit that want that satisfaction of being in control of their destiny.

Our aim is to satisfy and knowing our Customers  has afforded “ATL Wings Your Way” growth and has made our brand successful 


“Be Blessed Abundantly”


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 Posted on : July 21, 2014